martes, 2 de junio de 2009

Melissa, my love.

-How is she?, asked Rob.
- Not very well my dear friend, she is about to die, answered the doctor.
At the same time the doctor left the house, Rob sat down into the
living room and had a look to some pictures, memories he had of
Melissa, his beloved and beautiful Melissa, in her last days now.
Melissa was not an ordinary girl you find by chance around the corner.
She had the most beautiful blue eyes anyone could have and her smile,
those white pearls, was simply stunning.
Rob remembered that he hadn´t fallen in love with Melissa because of her
beauty but for her funny conversations they both used to have along
the park about politics, life and all those kinds of things lovers often
talk about. Was he going to get used to living without her?, he
wondered. Absolutly not!.
What would have happened if he hadn´t met her?. Who knows….
According to the newspaper, a war was about to begin
against China, Russia, Korea and the Middle-East countries.
No human being could be suppossed to get alive of that, taking into
account that the nuclear weapons where quite sofisticated in those
days. This is 2025 and Rob had met Melissa in New York, where they live
Sitting there, Rob could hear the air raids from the distance. That
gave the house an atmosphere of hopeless.
Suddenly,he went upstairs towards the room where Melissa was and
held her hand. He smiled and then the room turned into darkness and
somehow, Rob found that he was still holding Melissa´s hand and
nothing in the world would have persuaded him to let it go.

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